Review: The Gift by James Patterson

The Gift (Witch & Wizard, #2)

Title: The Gift (Witch & Wizard #2)

Author: James Patterson and Ned Rust

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Genre(s): Young Adult (Fantasy, adventure, dystopia)

Source: Bought – paperback


Summary (Goodreads):

When Whit & Wisty were imprisoned by the wicked forces of the totalitarian regime known as the New Order, they were barely able to escape with their lives. Now part of a hidden community of teens like themselves, Whit and Wisty have established themselves as leaders of the Resistance, willing to sacrifice anything to save kids kidnapped and brutally imprisoned by the New Order.

But the One has other plans in store for them: He needs Wisty, for she is “The One Who Has the Gift.” While trying to figure out what that means, Whit and Wisty’s suspenseful adventures through Overworld and Shadowland lead to a jaw-dropping climax and conclusion: the highly-anticipated fulfillment of the heart-pounding opening prologue of book one… The Execution of the Allgoods.


My Review:

As you start the book, you are swept into the world of a fast paced story that in the end, you have trouble putting the book down. The story is interesting and well formed that you love it no matter what others might feel about it.

It’s interesting how James Patterson is always able to keep that ‘interesting’ factor alive that you never have to be told twice to buy the second book in the series. I really enjoyed reading this one as much as the first and i can’t wait to get my hands on the third and final book.

Patterson wrote this series for his son who was not interested in reading at all. I feel that this book should be given to all those who run from books. At the moment i am trying to get my brother to read this series because he runs from books of any kind. Here i am, loving books and he hates them.

In the first book i pictured Byron to be this fat kid, who bullied. You know that stereotypical image of a bully. But in this book when we see this confused, sensitive side to him i try to picture him in a more favourable way. By completely changing his appearance in my head.

Whit was rather annoying in this book with his whole crying for his dead girlfriend Celia. I wanted to smack him!

The book was short-ish and goes by super fast and you are left wanting to read more!



Review: Witch & Wizard by James Patterson

Witch & Wizard: The New OrderTitle: Witch & Wizard
Author: James Patterson
Publisher: Arrow (Young)
Genre(s): Young Adult (Fantasy, adventure, dystopia)
Source: Paperback

My Rating

Synopsis (goodreads):

The world is changing – the government has seized control of every aspect of society, and now kids are disappearing. For fifteen-year-old Wisty and her older brother Whit, life turns upside-down when they are hauled out of bed one night, separated from their parents, and thrown into a secret compound for no reason they can comprehend. The new government is clearly trying to suppress life, liberty …and the pursuit of being a normal teenager. Imprisoned together and condemned to death, Wisty and Whit begin exhibiting strange abilities and powers they never dreamed of. Maybe there is a reason they were singled out. Can this newly discovered witch and a wizard master their skills in time to save themselves, their parents – and maybe the world?
My Review:
I really enjoyed reading Witch & Wizard. Its a young adult dystopian, but is actually a pre-young adult. Its a good start for anyone who wants to jump into the dystopian genre, great starter.
James Patterson has this uncanny, incredible way of telling a story. The chapter border on 2-3 pages and total upto a hundred and above. The way his chapters, i just couldn’t seem to put down the book. Things move very quickly in Witch and Wizard.
The story is fairly simple but its been molded in such a way that the reader actually feels connected. Some things do border on Harry Potter but its a story in itself.
The novel takes place between two different points of view, of Whit and Wisty, brother and sister, who are, incidentally, also a wizard and witch. the two main characters are interesting if a little confused about who and what they really are, but at least they are open-minded about the possibilities presented them. This makes it easier to relate them because we are all trying to find ourselves in this world.
Overall awesome book! Grab yourself a copy!

In My Mailbox #13

Crank (Crank, #1)

Crank (Crank #1)

Kristina Georgia Snow is the perfect daughter: gifted high school junior, quiet, never any trouble. But on a trip to visit her absentee father, Kristina disappears and Bree takes her place. Bree is the exact opposite of Kristina — she’s fearless.

Through a boy, Bree meets the monster: crank. And what begins as a wild, ecstatic ride turns into a struggle through hell for her mind, her soul — her life.



Witch & Wizard

Witch & Wizard (Witch & Wizard #1)

The world is changing: the government has seized control of every aspect of society, and now, kids are disappearing. For 15-year-old Wisty and her older brother Whit, life turns upside down when they are torn from their parents one night and slammed into a secret prison for no reason they can comprehend. The New Order, as it is known, is clearly trying to suppress Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Being a Normal Teenager. But while trapped in this totalitarian nightmare, Wisty and Whit discover they have incredible powers they’d never dreamed of. Can this newly minted witch and wizard master their skills in time to save themselves, their parents–and maybe the world?