About Me

To me books are everything. I live and breathe books. Seriously, i just got my first bookshelf and honestly, i look up every 5 mins just so that i can gaze at its wonder. Okay, so maybe i too find my behaviour very weird but it makes me happy. Having a book in my hand makes me happy. Buying books makes my heart sore because the potential idea of exploring a new world leaves me breathless.

What makes a book so desirable to me?

  1. just having one in my hands
  2. breaking its spine for the first time
  3. potential new world just waiting to be discovered
  4. the smell wafting from the pages
  5. the glossy cover that makes me want to feel it every second
So, now you know about my fetish for books…doesn’t mean you should run away scared. I promise i don’t bite 😉
Feel free to roam the blog! I think everything above pretty much tells you why it exists.

Also you can mail me books that you want to be reviewed and recommend me some books.

I am open to suggestions and there will also be more additions to the blog so stay tuned!

Contact Me

Email: sananoor_94@hotmail.com




Dear e-Books,
I don’t care how heavy they are. I don’t care if they supposedly kill trees. I don’t care if they don’t have a well-lit screen. Nothing beats the smell of printed paper and leather, and the tingle in your fingers when you turn the first page of a new book. You can’t smell a Nook.
Sincerely, a loyal book-worm.
Even if i have been sincerely contemplating getting myself an e-Reader…but for that i need money!


7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi nice to meet you, seriously loving you’re about page! Power to the books! I refuse to ever read anything off a kindle and my favorite smell in the entire world is a musty book 🙂

  2. Hi, and thanks a million for the gorgeous review – I’m thrilled you enjoyed the book! Your lovely comments have made my day!
    Jill Mansell xx

  3. Hi Sana,

    You keep on writing whether folk read your stuff or not. It might not be posted in the “write” venue or it may not be the “write” time for you to be propelled to the forefront…but keep on writing, so that when the “write” moment comes, you won’t be caught unawares.

    I’ll be happy to introduce your work to my readers anytime you’re ready. I also have an editor/publisher friend who is in her early twenties and has written all her life, that I can introduce you to, just say the word.

    I wish I had blogging and the Internet available when I was in high school, maybe then I would have finished that steamy romance that I was writing that the entire senior class couldn’t wait for me to finish. Alas, classes and graduation concerns overtook my muse.

    Nevertheless, I did finish and self-publish a book, which is why I encourage you to keep on writing.


  4. Hi,
    On behalf of my 17 year old daughter, I invite you to check out her website http://www.markellegrabo.com and read the first chapter of her newly published YA Fantasy Fiction novel: Journey into the Realm: The Elf Girl I think you’d really like it. Let her know what you think and if you’d like to interview her.

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