Alright, you are all eligible hate me. I know it has been ages since the giveaway ended and it is only now that i am posting about the winners, but in my defense this year started and i bombarded with so many things. And now i want some these things to leave so that i can relax. Weekends apparently are no use anymore because they pass by lightning fast and i’m super tired by Sunday night so much so that i dread Monday with a vengeance. Monday morning i just want to crawl under my blanket and hibernate.

So, i won’t bore you with my hatred of Mondays and get on with telling you who was lucky and who wasn’t.

The winner of the signed giveaway of Elemental by Emily White is…

Krystal Larson!

And the three winners of the T-shirts are…

Julie Witt!

Linda Henderson!

Amy Stogner!

And there you have it. The WINNERS! I will email you all in the morning because my eyes are really closing at this point in time. Ta ta lovelies!


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