This Friday’s Question:

Gateway Books: Which particular books opened you up to a new genre?

This Lullaby Sarah Dessen’s This Lullaby got me hooked onto YA contemporaries. And guess what, i’m still hooked on! I had heard about Sarah Dessen before but had never come across any of her books (there is a shortage of books – no books – of such) and i came across This Lullaby by chance. Since then i’ve read The Truth About Forever, Lock and Key and Just Listen.


Twilight on the other hand got me involved with vampires and werewolves.

Twilight (Twilight, #1)

 Honestly, after i finished with the series and saw the movie i was just put off by it all that i stayed away from YA paranormal. But a friend of mine told me about Vampire Academy and i gave it a try. And now i’m back. My love for werewolves is far more that vampires these days but it was the opposite some time back. Pft…me and my mood swings.

Impulse (Impulse, #1)I’ve discovered in this past year that I really like novels in verse, I couldn’t imagine it being my thing before I first picked up Impulse but all the ones I’ve read have been all the more emotional, moving and effective because of it.

The fact is, all of the books I’ve read so far have affected me quite deeply. And now i’m addicted to YA realistic fiction!


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