In My Mailbox #10

Okay, so after reading Mary, Mary(you can read my review by clicking Mary, Mary)(the first James Patterson novel i read) i am hooked! I got my hands on these novels and i’m super excited about reading them.

So, i’ve heard awesome things about the Kitty Series, plus there was a review by Meg Cabot on the cover, i just automatically picked it up. But i don’t think its the first book in the series, so either i find the first or just start from the second. Even though i don’t like doing that. Also, its Sophie Kinsella…need i say more!

I’ve read P.S. I Love You and If You Could See Me Now…thought i should give this one a shot too.

Jill Mansell writes the funniest stories ever…i couldn’t not pick up this book.

Honestly, i never finished Me and Mr. Darcy, but i just loved the cover of this book and the story sounded great too…so i went and bought Who’s That Girl?

The first thing that attracted me to Southern Discomfort was the cover and i went and bought it, then when i was in the car on my way home did i actually bother to glimpse through the blurb…sounds interesting! Looks like you can judge a book by its cover…i’ll let you know if its true after i finish the book.

When i first picked up Georgette Heyer‘s book, my mom looked at it and said, ” You’re going to read Georgette Heyer?” She was shocked and i was like, “Yes, i am. I started reading her last year…when i borrowed her books from the school library.” And then she said, “Well, thats good!”

Honestly, she thinks i read silly stuff. Got you, didn’t i mum!

What’s in your Mailbox!?

7 thoughts on “In My Mailbox #10

  1. oh god I don’t even think I’ve ever heard of any of those books, the authors?sure… those books! never so I’m looking forward to all your thoughts on them! happy reading!

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