Menage Blog Giveaway!

Have you heard about the Menage A Blog??? It’s like a blog tour – but EVERYONE wins!!!! Here’s some official info:
“3 authors per day for 5 days will compete in a flirt to the finish blog hop. They will be wooing readers with free ebooks at each stop, as well as a chance to win a Kindle and special author prizes!

Readers start at one blog then click along the daisy chain. All of the authors are connected in a loop. You can move forward or backward. #easypeasy

Here is our line up of #rockin authors:

Deena Remiel, “Brethren Beginnings Vol. I”

Jacquie Rogers, “Much Ado About Marshals”

Terri Giuliano Long, “In Leah’s Wake”

Carolyn McCray, “7 Folds of Winter”

Rachel Thompson, “Dollars & Sense”

Judith Gaines, “Perfect Copy”

Regan Black, “Tracking Shadows”

Xavier Leret, “Heaven Sent”

Theresa Ragan, “Finding Kate Huntley”

Eden Baylee, “Fall Into Winter”

Amber Scott, “Soul Search”

Lacey Weatherford,”The Trouble With Spells”

All the participating blogs will be linked to and listed at

Be sure you tell your family and friends about our upcoming blog tour, because it’s not like any blog tour they’ve been on. Where else can you get free ebooks just for commenting?

Mark your calendar! July 18th – 25th are the days to remember!”

Alright, I hear your call for more … you want the FREE PRIZES! Here’s the dish!
1. Comment and win your free ebookThe Trouble With Spells, by telling me what your favorite flirt line is. Don’t have one? Make one up! #ItsAllGood
2. Enter my personal GRAND PRIZE giveaway by picking your favorite review from my list ofsponsors in the sidebar and comment on their site with the phrase, “Hot warlocks rock my world!”(Giveaway basket details. Theme: “A Night IN with Vance Mangum!”  Pamper yourself with awesome bath/spa products, candlelight, and relaxing music!  Then slip into your comfy “Vance Kiss” t-shirt (logo pictured in banner) and cuddle up with ebooks 1-4 in the Of Witches and Warlocks series while devouring decadent hand dipped chocolates.  Oh … and did I mention that comes with a personalized,signed picture from the ever-so-hot actor, Matt Lanter, who is the muse for Vance Mangum? Yep, it’s true!  The photo will be delivered straight from Matt to you!) It’s seriously “Vance in a basket!” What more could you want?
Matt Lanter is currently starring as
Liam court on 9O21O, Anakin Skywalker
on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and in the
soon-to-be released movie, Liars All. You
can see all of Matt’s film credits on IMBD.
You can follow Matt on Twitter.
3.  Get extra entries every time you Tweet, Facebook, or blog this! “Today Only! Win free ebooks & a signed pic of HOT actor #MattLanter! #Muse #MenageABlog (url) then leave the details of your posts in my comments!
4.  EVERY relevant comment you make counts as an entrytoward the overall Grand Prize…the KINDLE!  So#ChattingItUp big time can make you a winner! And don’t worry, I TALK back, but I don’t BITE back! Much. 😉
That’s it! Are you ready? Let’s #ShareTheLove and#FlirtBaby!
P.S. IMPORTANT! Don’t forget to leave your email address with your comment so I can send you your free ebook, or contact you about winning the Grand Prize! Also, if you have trouble commenting with Google, remember you can still use OpenID or Anonymous to post your comment too! Just tell me who you are so I can visit with you! 😀

Here is my review of The Trouble With Spells:

My review:

Its books like these that make me believe in soul mates. Portia and Vance are just perfect for each other. The concept of ‘love at first sight’ surrounds this couple. The swoon-worthy Vance and budding-witch Portia make the most adorable couple.

Okay as a book reviewer, i am to be completely honest. Painstakingly honest, if required :P but bashing a book is not what i have set out to do. Being as this is the second book i have read revolving around witches, forming a unchangeable opinion would be too hostile. (Now i have feeling that you might be thinking that either i have conflicting feelings about this book or that i am seriously out to do some bashing. I’ll just clear it…i’m here to do neither.)

The Trouble With Spells revolves around this couple, a newly-turned witch and an all-too powerful warlock. (You gotta love these settings) Anyway, Vance (the warlock, if you didn’t already guess) at first tries to battle his feelings for Portia (the witch) because he feels that he carries with him a danger, but Portia is not going to give up. This is isn’t how the story plays out though. Vance doesn’t play the all hard to get hero and Portia is no where the stalkerish-ever-so-persistent heroine. Just saying.

Together Vance and Portia make this adorable couple and you find yourself thinking back to Edward and Bella (even though i have no intentions of going there because comparing books to other books is not what i set out to do). The extreme feelings of love that both these characters have for each other is just to breathtaking. Portia is just to cute when the first spell that she creates is for the protection of Vance. Check the spell out below:

Oh moon, Tonight i call on thee

To help me set a spirit free

Give thy protection on this night

Ever surround him with the light

Let no evil near him get

May only goodness now be met

This book contains some hot make-out scenes and i just loved reading them. I had a blast reading it and for me it was no-putting-downer (if you can understand that) :D

Plus the ending was heart breaking and breathtaking. “psst” You’ll just have to read to find out. :P


5 thoughts on “Menage Blog Giveaway!

  1. Lacey, how do I pick from all the great reviews. Everyone of them are so good. I already got my free copy thank you. However I must say “Hot warlocks rock my world!” Also I must say “KISS ME, VANCE!” lol. Thanks for the wonderful book.

    Teresa K.

  2. Well missing or not I will thank you for supporting this lovely author. This is a great tour and I wish her all success and joy.


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