Cover Love with Jennifer Echols!


Love Story

1. Did you pick out the cover yourself? Why these two? Not that i’m complaining!
No, authors usually have nothing to do with picking out the cover. The publisher did show it to me and I said it was okay. If I had said it was not okay, I’m not sure that would have changed anything, LOL! But I do love it because Erin looks exactly the way she should, and she is happy.
2. Why is half the guy’s face missing on the cover? We want to see the rest of him!
I think it is the cover fashion nowadays to cut people’s heads off. Or maybe they cut it off because in the original photo he is wearing a clown wig. We will never know.
3. I feel like her eyes hold some kind of secret. Is there one? If there is, can you reveal something about it, but at the same time not be spoilery?
Erin’s secret is that she’s had a crush on Hunter since they met six years before, but she has a terrible time expressing her feelings.
4. What do you say those out there who say YA romance is a silly genre that’s not worth while?
Oh boy. That’s what this book is all about. Erin wants to be a romance writer. When she turns in a romantic story for her creative writing class, the other students make fun of her, and she has some choice words for them. You can read the book to see what I think of people who say romance is silly.
5. Where do you see the YA genre going in terms of fads in the future? Will you be jumping onto that bandwagon?

Lately YA has gotten very dark, with the vampires, and then the other creatures standing in for vampires because everybody was sick of vampires, and now the end of the world. I have been waiting five years for this dark phase to pass and my light books to come back into fashion. It looks like I will have to wait a little longer.

Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog!

 I don’t know, theres always been something about Jennifer’s books that always seem to reel me in without me having actually tough much less read the book. Yup, you caught me! I haven’t read any of her books but i am proud to call myself a fan, or a semi-fan (considering i haven’t been near any of her books). Sad? I thing, YES!
Thanks Jennifer for giving us an insight into that awesome cover of Love Story!

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