Guest Post by T.R. Mousner + Giveaway!

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Time Management Matters

Regardless of whether you’re a self-published or a traditionally published author, time management holds one of the biggest keys to your success.  Every week there are new markets and publishing trends to study, contacts to manage, social media channels to build and grow, bloggers to recruit and follow up with, books to read, books to sell and new projects to write. 
Sound overwhelming?  The sole task of marketing yourself and your work through social media channels is a full-time job that involves doing interviews, writing guest blog posts (like this one) building twitter and Facebook followings, maintaining one’s own blog, etcetera.  So when do you have time to write while managing the above tasks? You don’t! That’s why time management is critical to your success.
Here are some tips to help you succeed:
1)    Delegate.  Ask for help.  Have you heard that expression, no one is an island? Sure your significant other works all day, is tired when they get home and likely cranky from withdrawal since your time together is limited, but it never hurts to ask. The worst that can happen is they say no, but if they’ve seen you grinding away day after day and love you as much as you know they do, then chances are they’ll help. 
2)    Schedule everything. It may sound tedious, but scheduling tasks not only ensures everything gets done, but it also prevents details from falling through the cracks. In addition, this practice also heightens your awareness of time.  Whether you purchase a fancy calendar or use a notebook, whatever system you devise will prove indispensable.  Unless you’ve been blessed with a perfect memory, schedule, schedule, schedule. 
3)    Make every moment count. Use the bits of time when you’re waiting at the curb to pick your kids up from school or sitting in the doctor’s office to jot down ideas, write posts, answer email or just read a bit. You’ll be surprised how quickly these extra minutes add up to hours of increased productivity.  
4)    Avoid procrastination like the plague.  It is your worst enemy.  Despite how well you plan, things will come up and if you procrastinate, your tasks will pile up so don’t do it!
5)    Multitask.  Use down time to attend to the peripheral tasks involved with writing. For example, while you’re watching television, catch up on email, study markets or research agents. 
6)    Adjust your expectations.  Even if you’re a psycho control freak perfectionist like me (and I sincerely hope you’re not, particularly because it’s a tortuous and time-consuming endeavor) not everything has to be done perfectly all the time.  The sun will still rise and the night will still fall if you don’t make the bed every day or keep phone calls short instead of chatting away for hours.  Be aware of your time and spend yours wisely.  
Remember: the past has already happened, the future is at least one day away and this moment is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.  Wishing you only the best!!
Thanks Tamara for sharing this piece of information with us. I hope this is helpfull to many of you and hopefully to me to because i am back in my writing phase people! WOOT! WOOT!
One lucky person who comments below will have the chance to win an e-copy of Tamara’s novel Being! There is nothing more to it, just leave a comment below and you’re entered. Subscribing is not important for this one, but will be greatly appreaciated if you do. Plus feel free to spread the news about this giveaway, and let me know how you spread the word because that way then you are entitled to a +1!
Plus my review for Being is due soon as well! Be on the look out for that! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Guest Post by T.R. Mousner + Giveaway!

  1. WOW one of my favorite guest posts EVER, short, funny, and straight to the point! plus the last bit is TRUE! and I appreciate that she shared this!^^

    haven’t read her book but heard some really good things about it, so hope I’m entered!^^

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