Review: Ex and the Single Girl by Lani Diane Rich

Ex and the Single GirlEx and the Single Girl by Lani Diane Rich
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Want a quick summer read? One that has to engrossed in it till you actually finish the book? Then grab yourself a copy because you sure won’t be disappointed!

I had a blast reading about the Miz Fallons and their meddling ways. They had been laughing out loud like a crazy person at their idiocy and pulling at my hair when they wouldn’t just come right out with the answers. Really, if you don’t know how to play around the bush and avaid a topic, then i suggest you stay with these lovelies and learn something. Its Miz Fallon 101!

Portia was a great character. I loved reading the story from her point of view and it was her voice that truly made the whole book so enjoyable. This girl has the wackiest family in the world but she handles everything so well (with a lot of guidance, of course) you have no choice but to admire her.

Ian was just as yummy as he was portrayed to be. I mean, who doesn’t love a British, mystery novel writer who misses his flight, looks like he’s been through shit, comes on your doorstep and kisses the life out of you. Swoon worthy he was.

Peter was the perfect ex-boyfriend, who you hated at moments in the book and loved (not so much, actually). He was shown as the victim/good guy but when you asked Ian to describe him based on what he had heard from Portia you would see him under a totally different light. Jealousy, i think YES!

All in all, i think all of those who are looking for a light, summer read you better pick yourself a copy of this book.

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