The month of June, suddenly holds a lot of importance to me. At first, it was just the prospect of summer holidays and 50 days away from my birthday, but now it also marks the day that i actually finished high school. Wow! I never thought i would do it. To me, high school was an eternal thing that was passing by far too slowly but once i embarked on the journey of my last year, it seemed as if time flew by far too quickly and in a blur everything was over.

Now, the prospect of college just scares me…but lets not talk of scary

things. Lets talk of celebration! First things first, i am 8 more subscribers away from reachinga half a century of subscribers. Who knows, there might be a giveaway if we reach the 50 mark and more (hint…hint 🙂 )

So, start spreading the word and getting people to subscribe because…okay FINE! There will be a giveaway!

Next, with the beginning of June, i have an ‘author of the month’! YUP! You can see her pic on the right side and let me assure you there is an interview and a giveaway lined up for all of you…so don’t miss out!

Secondly, i will be catching up with all my reviews as well. I have quite a few requests lined up and i am stoked to introduce those books to you, so don’t go anywhere. You might just miss out on all the action packed drama here!

Finally, i have a surprise for all of you. All through out June we will be having giveaways!! YUP! You heard right! Like i said, June is the month of celebration here and for all of you i have guest posts and interviews by different authors lined up and giveaways as well.

These will all be Follower Giveaways, so better subscribe fast!


2 thoughts on “June is the Month – THE MONTH OF CELEBRATION!

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