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View Daughter.jpg in slide showDaddy’s little girl. 

That’s what clairvoyant Viola Ashwood has been her entire life. She wouldn’t mind quite so much if her father hadn’t been possessed by a powerful, and nasty, demon nearly a decade earlier. 

After recovering from a horribly tragic confrontation with Daddy Dearest, Viola wants nothing more than to get back in to the feder

ally-funded but privately run demon-hunting Network. Duke, her brother’s ex-best friend and the guy she’s crushed on since she was six, stands in her way. As Network regional head, Duke’s got plenty of reasons for keeping Viola out of his region

, and that’s before he considers the fact that her father’s on the Network’s most wanted list 

Just when Duke grudgingly allows Viola into the Network, Daddy Dearest, still possessed and more obsessed with Viola than ever, reappears. W

hile trying to stay one step ahead of the demon, Viola struggles to overcome fears about her surprise demonic heritage while learning to control her new abilities. Especially the one that has her raising zombie squirrels in the middle of the afternoon. Together, Duke and Viola deal with dangerous demons, centuries of family secrets, and a mysterious link that may bind them for life.

*I received this book because of the blog tour that i was taking part in.
Daughter of Deception (Family Lies Book 1)Daughter of Deception by Kara Thorpe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eerie…scared me to my wits end but had me coming back for more!

You know when you watch that horror/slasher movie, where the heroine is entering that one room that always leads to her death or venturing into the forest when we clearly know what the outcome is going to be and we’re screaming, “Don’t you know what happens when you run off alone, appearing to be so brave! You guys don it enough! What happened to learning from your mistakes!” But she still ends up going and has her head chopped off. Thats what was happening to me. I kept coming back even when the book was getting too scary for me and i just loved about every bit of it. Also my head was not chopped off…as awesome as that sounds 😛

Why was it scary? This is the first book that has actually scared me. Years of trying to get scared by reading Goosebumps didn’t do the trick and when you finally read a book without any knowledge of its horror factor, it has you scared shitless. I won’t say that its going to scare all of you but it gave me the spooks. To have your father possessed by an all powerful demon and then brand his daughter with “Daddy’s Girl” is freaky. I can’t even begin to imagine what Violet was going through.

Also what i liked about this was how many popular beliefs of different cultures go hand in hand with how everything was described in this book. Like, for example, how spirits and demons are attracted to scents. I never knew other people believed in this as well, this is popular in our culture as well.

Violet and Tobias, no doubt made an amazing couple but it was too predictable. I like my couples to have some kind of surprise factor to them but that doesn’t mean i didn’t enjoy the tension present between them. Also i have nothing against clichéd couplings but it was too predictable for Tobias to fall for his (ex)best friend’s sister.

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Author Blurb

Kara Thorpe started writing as a distraction in French class and never stopped (just don’t ask her to conjugate many verbs).  Born and raised in Texas, she loves all things historical, scientific, and downright geeky. Though she prefers to write short, character-driven stories, she ventured into the world of the novel with the first book of the Family Lies series “Daughter of Deception.”

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Want to win your own copies of the first and second book in the Family Lies series? Well, you’re in the right place! To enter all you have to do is leave a comment below and subscribe to my blog. Please no spam comments because they are deleted, how about leave questions for the author? 


5 thoughts on “Daughter of Deception Blog Tour

  1. Wow! I’m still stuck on the zombie squirrels bit. That would be something, wouldn’t it? A possessed father is just a little less scary. I’d love to read this one:)

    I’m already a subscriber and a GFC follower.


  2. I can’t wait to read this book, let’s here it for the zombie squirrels, yay!
    I subscribe to your blog: morganlafey86@

  3. oh wow this sounds like an awesome read zombie squirls need i say more lol ty for the opertunity to enter and i already subscribe to your blog

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