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Visit each of the these amazing blogs and learn more about the book. Each stop hosts either a fun interview, book excerpt or review and there are plenty of opportunities to win a free copy for yourself!

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I couldn’t seem to contain the inferno burning inside me, being that close to him. Even knowing the danger he posed and the gruesome scenes that must have been caused by him, I still felt a burning inside me every time I heard his voice or felt his hot gaze on me. 

But I was the Warden. He was one of the damned. We were destined to be at odds. Enemies. 

Sarah Brightman, having just lost her father to cancer, is stunned to discover that the mother she thought was dead is actually still alive. She also finds out that the legacy her father left her is a lot more than just an Inn on the outskirts of Nashville, Indiana. She has a frightening new responsibility.


Just when I was ready to give up and leave, he began to speak in a low tone.

“I grew up in Chicago.  We moved to San Francisco four days after I turned seventeen.”  The curry comb continued moving in smooth strokes down the mare’s flanks and over her back, “I was angry with my parents for making me leave my friends, my school.  Everything.”

He put the curry comb back in the grooming bucket and turned to me, “I rebelled.  I stayed out past curfew.  Got into trouble with the law.  Then I met her.”

I studied him curiously and waited.

“She was beautiful.  Hell, more than beautiful.”  He flashed a hint of a smile, “She was older, obviously experienced.  She had me wrapped around her little finger in a matter of days.  Sex wasn’t something entirely new to me, but she made it something… Magical.”

His full lips pursed as he picked up a body brush and began to groom the horse again.

“She wasn’t exactly what I thought she was.”

“What do you mean?”

His eyes met mine and the sardonic gleam there made me catch my breath.

“She was a vampire.”

“Oh…”  I cupped my hands around my mouth in surprise.

“Her name was Selena.”

This conversation between Sarah and Alex is pivotal in the story because Sarah has had to take in so many astounding things in a short amount of time and this last one is nearly too much for her to handle.  What we find out later in the story changes things, but Alex’s statement about Sarah’s mother being a vampire is critical.

About the author:

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I am a stay-at-home Mom with two growing boys, an overworked husband and a very devoted Jack Russell terrier named Shelby.  I grew up in small city called Mishawaka, Indiana and the majority of my family live in the Indianapolis area.  I now live with my wonderful boys, my husband and sort-of-annoying dog in Little Elm, Texas.  The Vampire’s Warden is the first book I have ever put up for sale.


So, i’m having a separate giveaway as well. This is one is for an e-Book copy of the Vampire’s Warden by S. J. Wright which will be provided by the author herself. Now it’s very simple, all you have to do is fill out the form below. All the details are supplied in the form, so it should be easier. 🙂


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If you don’t want to take part in this giveaway then at the end of the tour there will be another giveaway but for that you have to be a follower of the whole tour.

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