Review: His Eyes by Renee Carter

*I guess my silent prayer came in handy because it was on that very day i found the e-Book copy of His Eyes waiting in my inbox from an unknown source (sounds shady and scary).

His Eyes His Eyes by Renee Carter

196 pages

Published August 28th 2009 by Outskirts Press

ISBN: 1432742132

Amy Turner’s about to graduate from high school and all she wants is a job. Actually, all she wants is to find a way to pay for college. Amy certainly isn’t looking for love when she answers an ad to baby-sit a boy-she just needs the cash. But the job has a catch: The boy is blind…and he’s her age.

Tristan Edmund may be hot, but he doesn’t want Amy’s help. Or so he thinks. After being blinded in a horse show-jumping competition, Tristan spends his days in the dark, refusing to accept his disability. Much to his annoyance, Amy bursts into his life and drags him into the light. But just as the two begin to see something in each other, Tristan’s beautiful ex-girlfriend shows up. Will the temptation be too much, or will Tristan choose the girl who really sees him?

My review:

Okay, so i finished this book within hours. I mean devoured it, literally! It was so much fun reading this book and when i look back at it i wonder when i’ll be able to read the same way again. This book was pure sweetness!

From my earlier post you must already realise how much i wanted to read this book and now that i have i actually feel as i’ve had my months worth of food in one day. Seriously! The setting of the story just spoke to me. “psst…it might have something to do with my love for horses” (nah!). But now i can finally see why this story had 2400 reviews on and i am sad that i wasn’t one of those reviewers (i mean i would have felt even more proud then i already am if i knew the story personally before it got published, but then again you can’t have everything).

Tristan might have lost just about everything from his sight, girlfriend and his father but Amy was the wake up call that he needed to get back on track.

“Sometimes, you’re just looking for something that’s right.”

If i were in Tristan’s place i would have totally lost my faith in the world and be all depressed. I mean after the death of his father his show jumping was all he had left that actually made him feel whole. In the story Tristan states at a point that the death of his father made him realise the way he was wasting his life on girls and partying. And i guess we all need that kind of wake up call (not that drastic that a loved one is taken away from us), something that jolts us awake and screams, “Girl, its time to face the realities of the world.”

I could actually connect very well with Amy because both of us are going through the same things in life. I want to pursue journalism but if i stay in my home country i won’t be able to get anywhere, like her i have big dreams of going to an awesome university but awesome universities don’t come cheap and financially i don’t stand anywhere near my dream. She even had the same taste in music as me. When Queen was mentioned i actually pulled out a song of theirs and started listening. You won’t believe the expression on my face. It was of pure delight like when you give a child a toy he/she has been yearning for.

Both characters had problems in their lives but together they became the strength of each other. This book was beautiful and i’m glad that i had a chance to read it.


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