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Do you judge a book by its cover?

I most definitely do. I don’t know why but i always have this feeling deep within me that stops me from buying books with awful covers, even though the story can be awesome. I tend not to buy self-published books (even though i have nothing against them) just that the cover doesn’t jump out at me and force me to buy it. This is what happens actually, i’m in a book store or book bazaar and all the covers are visible to me. Now the cover i find attractive or that jumps at me is the book i will pick up and look into detail. Then i will contemplate buying it. At times i don’t even check the blurb to check if the storyline is good, if the cover speaks to me then i just buy it (there have been some sad cases when i tend to do this – i usually don’t get my money’s worth and the book tends to be everything i despise or refuse to read). I know how the saying goes ” Don’t Judge a book by its cover” but i always find myself doing so. For example, you can tell a book is going to have some hot scenes if you find the cover to be a little sexually inclined, thats when i know i can’t possibly buy that book if my mother is around because she will not approve. (though, its not like she doesn’t read those books, nope, she devours them and i have to go behind her back and read those books) Sorry, mommy! 😥


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