Interview with Elizabeth Scott! (and Giveaway!)

Okay, so I know this is a bit overdue but Elizabeth was going through a tough time and I thought since she had agreed to do an interview she wouldn’t leave me hanging and she didn’t. So i have agreed to leave her as the author of two months, which actually means that she will remain ‘author of the month for April’ as well.

Now you’ll be wondering why I am showing such favouritism and concern for someone I don’t know. I’ll just answer that then let you boggle your minds about it. The reason why i care so much is because even though i know next to nothing about being an author i can imagine what it would be like to live such a busy life and still love to keep their fans happy. Even though i have not read any of her books i have come to see myself as her fan.

So, lets get on with it. Today I have Elizabeth Scott who has given me a few minutes to interview her and even if they are only a few minutes i love her for that 😀

Elizabeth Scott

Q. Which do you prefer, ebooks or traditional books? Why?

A. Regular books! I love the smell of paper, and deckle edges–ooooh!

Q. Who is your all-time favourite author?

A. I don’t have one–I have too many too list!

Q. Is music necessary for you when writing?

A. Nope 🙂

Q. Which character from your book can you most relate to?

A. None of them–they’re all fictional!

Q. What is the common message, if any, in all your books?

A. I owe a reader for this one! One person commented on a video I did about my books that all of them deal with loss in one way or another and I think that’s totally true.

Q. Did you from the beginning wish to pursue a career in writing? Also if you weren’t an author, what would you have been doing?

A. I never wanted to be a writer–I didn’t even like writing fiction in school! I started writing by accident while I was in a meeting when I was twenty-seven. (!). If I wasn’t an author, I’d probably be a secretary or something.

Q. Can you reveal a funny or inspiring incident from your high school days or college days that helped you develop as a person and a writer?

A. I never wanted to be a writer, so I can’t think of anything that inspired me to do it–other than being bored in that meeting!

Q. Finally, tell us something about your book The Unwritten Rule and reveal something about it that nobody knows.

A. Well, since The Unwritten Rule has been out for almost a year, there’s no much that’s secret about it anymore, but the original draft was about 30% longer than the final version–and I cut, cut, cut so the story would be smooth and lean!

Okay, so there you have it. Short and sweet 🙂 Now for the extra fun part >>>

Elizabeth has decided to let one lucky commenter have a copy of her book the The Unwritten Rule. “woot woot”


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about this author

Hey there, I’m Elizabeth. I write young adult novels. I live just outside Washington DC with my husband and dog, and am unable to pass a bookstore without stopping and going inside.

All right, and I can’t leave without buying at least one book.

Usually two. (Or more!)

My website and blog are at, and I’m also on facebook and twitter.

The Unwritten Rule

The Unwritten Rule

He’s looking at me like—        well, like he wants to look at    me.
Like he likes what he sees, and  he’s smiling and his eyes are so  blue, even in the faint flow of the  porch light they shine, and I nod  dumbly, blindly, and then grope  for the door handle, telling  myself to look away and yet not  able to do it.

“Sara,” he says, softly, almost  hesitantly, and my heart slam-  bangs,  beating hard, and this is  what it’s like to  want someone you can’t have. To want someone you shouldn’t even be looking at.


7 thoughts on “Interview with Elizabeth Scott! (and Giveaway!)

  1. Sounds really cool! Just added ANOTHER book to my TBR pile…lol 🙂

    hense1kk AT cmich DOT edu

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    (I subscribed)

  2. Awesome interview. You are funny Elizabeth. I loved the answer that you don’t relate to any characters because they are all fictional. The book sounds great!

    I subscribe, and thank God because I would have missed this post if I didn’t :).

    Thanks for the chance to win,


    bkwalkerbooks at comcast dot net

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