Hunter’s Moon (Nightcreature #2) by Lori Handeland

Hunter's Moon (Nightcreature, #2)


Hunter’s Moon by Lori Handeland

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Who doesn’t like bad-ass chicks and guys that make your heart swoon? This book turned out to be nothing like i have read before. From the make-your-heart-melt scenes to the werewolf-ass-kicking. Not that i have something against werewolves but in this book they were shown under a different light – as the baddies.

Leigh Tyler is a former kindergarten teacher whose world is shattered when her family, including her fiance, is murdered by a white werewolf. Soon after, she is recruited as a member of the Jager-Suchers, a secret organization of werewolf hunters. Her leader Edward sends her to the town of Crow Valley, Wisconsin, to investigate unusual werewolf activity, as it appears there is a werewolf killing and eating other werewolves. Edward also wants Leigh to train a new Jager-Sucher recruit named Jessie McQuade.

Upon arrival in Crow Valley, Leigh meets a mysterious drifter named Damien Fitzgerald. Since the death of her fiance, Leigh has avoided men and focused her attention on hunting down the white werewolf that murdered everyone she loved. But Damien awakens something in her that she thought had died with her former life. However, there is something about him that is not quite right. Leigh soon fears that Damien may be the thing she has devoted her life to destroy.

The relationship between Leigh and Damien was getting quite suffocating in the book but Jess and Will provided the perfect distraction from the werewolf killing and sex scenes.

Damien – i knew something was up with this character. I mean the pieces were sort of fitting and hinting towards the obvious – drum roll – werewolf. Plus this was kind of a clichéd pairing with the werewolf hunter falling for the werewolf. But i can’t say i didn’t enjoy it.

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This is the song i was listening to while i was reading the book. If you’ve read this book let me know which song you listened while reading or if you didn’t which song do you think goes best with this book?

Messages (hidden in the book)

We need to live for now, because tomorrow everything, hell, everyone could change. If I have a day, a month, a century, I want to spend it with you.

The quote above says it all. Live for today because who knows what tomorrow might hold. Live everyday like its your last. This advice doesn’t sound very good if you think about it because if you actually start living then life might just become one reckless race and you might just end up taking someone with you. But then again if you can live carefully while have fun then whats the harm. I know i sound very contradicting here but most of you must have understood what i was trying to say.

The other message in this book is in bold letters. Don’t take just about anyone to bed with you because you never know what they might turn out to be. Take Leigh, for example, she slept with Hector and he turned out to be some power hungry werewolf trying to take over the world. Wouldn’t want to be stuck with his kind, would you?


Hunter’s Moon (Nightcreature, Book 2)

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