Japan…They Need Us!

So i’m pretty sure we all know what went down in Japan yesterday. Japan was struck by a earthquake/tsunami that recorded a 8.9 on the Richter scale. Pretty scary stuff!

Because this natural catastrophe affected me a lot i decided that something must be done to help the people of Japan. I don’t want to start with something extravagant that i won’t be able to complete so i have decided that the comments that all of you post on my blog will be converted to Rs. 50. So, now all your comments have a price. Every comment that your write will enable a donation of Rs. 50 to the people of Japan. This is a month long process. Granted that March is almost over, i won’t end this. There is a 100% guarantee on my behalf that all the proceeds will go to Japan.

To be honest i was alone at home when i was flipping through the channels on my television and landed on this horrific sight. I was super scared because i had heard that there is a certain marking on the Richter scale that can bring an end to the world and 8.9 is super close to it. Plus being alone when watching something like this has a way with your nerves and emotions.

I don’t want to scare you but i just wanted to show you something that i came across:

The person who made this video seems to be pretty brave because i would be running for my life if i were in his/her shoes. :0

At the moment i am also looking for another way of having all of you donate money physically but its becoming really hard because PayPal doesn’t support my country so making an account there is impossible. If you know any other way let me know.

Japan needs us and its our right to help them in this time of need! 🙂


Here is the button i designed for this. To create awareness please put it up on your blogs and link it here. Thank you! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Japan…They Need Us!

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  2. Here is my comment. This is just so sad! I don’t know what I would do if it happen to us here in NJ. So many things happening around the world and I truly scared of whats to come.

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