Collision Course by S.C. Stephens

Collision Course


Language: English

Written in: 2010

Published: 2010-04-25

Word count: 189,558 words (≈ about 13 hours)


Tags: ,

Lucas had it all – popularity, a devoted girlfriend, a brotherly best friend, and a loving mother who would do anything for him. His life was right on course to be a successful and fulfilling one, until the crash changed everything. It happened late one night during a sudden downpour. That evening, three young lives were lost and one life was left irrevocably altered. As the lone survivor, Lucas finds himself surrounded by swirling gossip of reckless drunkenness from the small town he used to warmly call home. Amid his own guilt and self-hatred, Lucas struggles to find hope, find peace, and maybe, even find love again.

SKoW Award winner 2010 – Best Het, Most Memorable

How i came across this story:

I just recently came across this story through SKoW. Those of you who are familiar with FictionPress and FanFiction will know that they provide stories with the awards that they deserve. I can just claim it to be faith that i came across this beautiful story because i had been put off by FictionPress for sometime due to there not being a wide variety of good stories, also because i had exams coming up and most of my time is being spent in studying.

My Review:

The above description basically outlines all that will happen in the story and i do not wish to reveal anything because to truly find out you have to read the story, and i promise to you it is definitely worth it.

This story is so beautiful, so perfect. I was crying far more than the characters in the story were. What the characters go through feels so real and emotions envelope you that its hard not to feel what the characters. Its been a year since the death of my grandmother and i know exactly what Lucas was going through – it feels as if a whole part of you had been ripped out! The story also got me thinking – school is officially ending in a month for me and i’ll be going to college in September, not only will i be starting life all over again but the fact that friendships will strain always brings me to tears. Also leaving the school i have been in for 14 years is really sad. 😦

So this story has really contributed a lot, as a melancholic factor and sends a beautiful message across as well – in life you will come across many difficulties but that doesn’t mean you decide to give up on life all together because one actually learns to live through the hardships they face and grow to be a stronger person.

Quotes that relate to this story:

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

Helen Keller

It is true that I have had heartache and tragedy in my life. These are things none of us avoids. Suffering is the price of being alive.

– Judy Collins


Song that goes well with this story:

Don’t Let Me Go by The Click 5

The Author: (available to be read on FictionPress) (can be downloaded as it is available in e-Book format)


2 thoughts on “Collision Course by S.C. Stephens

  1. S.C. Stephens says:

    ” I’m so glad that you were moved by the story. It’s very special to me too. Thanks for the song suggestion. I write to music a lot, so I’m always eager to get something new to listen to. Thank you so much for the review on your blog!”

  2. S.C. Stephens says:

    “Oh, I just read your blog. That was so incredibly nice, thank you. Wow, I’m touched at how well you related to the story, and the quotes you added were beautiful and made me tear up. Thank you so much for taking the time to promote my book, I really appreciate it! =D”

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