Just Right (The Bradfords #1) by Erin Nicholas

Just Right (Bradfords #1)Just Right by Erin Nicholas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay, so what do you do if you have the hots for a certain nurse in your ER department, really simple. Punch a patient, get suspended, drown your sorrows in a bar and have her brother send her to pick you up. Now all thats left is for you to seduce her. Not bad, huh.
Thats not exactly how the story takes place, yes all those incidents do take place but not because Dr. Torres or simply Ben willed them to. No, all of this takes place because life finally catches up with him and he realises he wants better things in life, better than saving the lives of reckless people who continue to endanger their own and others and lives as well.
Jessica on the other hand wants everything to be perfect. She wants to make Ben realise that when he saves lives he becomes a hero and thats what she loves about him and what people love about him. They are forever grateful to him. But she needs healing as well and throughout the whole story these two characters heal each other in small but effective ways without even realising them.
Both characters carry baggage that leaves them unhappy and pondering of what could have been. But all they need is each other and with each other they find true happiness and love.

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was an e-Book which actually delayed my finishing the book faster. Recommended to all those who want a quick read and want to relax with some HOT scenes.

Content: 16+
Profanities: many
General opinion: the cover is amazing and the book is really nice

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