Okay so this month has been a little slow as far as posts are concerned. But i got quite a lot of reading done and posted reviews, hopefully you guys were enlightened and got a better idea about the books. I didn’t exactly devour books the usual way but since this is my final year in school its a bit hard at the moment, what with all the work the teachers keep throwing at us and expecting us to complete super fast as well. But hey! Thats all what life is actually about.

The month of love has officially ended but that doesn’t mean you can’t spread the love. So this coming March i have quite a few things in store for all of you:

  1. Interview with author Elizabeth Scott – she will be the author of the month of March
  2. Another giveaway for all you lovelies
  3. Review of Just Right by Erin Nicholas
  4. Also i am starting a ‘Discussions’ page where i will post questions on certain books, authors or anything and everything – you can then interact and tell me your opinion on certain topics


So heres the thing. Why don’t you tell me what you’re really looking forward to from the above list.


In My Opinion

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