This month has already passed in a blur and as i write to you i recall all that i’ve done this past month. From reviving a long forgotten blog to entering giveaways and winning books. Surely this month has been quite eventful as well as uneventful.

Winter was upon me and i suffered at its hand. It being my favourite season did not stop me from thinking why it grew so harsh and inflicted this cold pain upon me. But i must say i had it better than most places that were neck deep in snow and had frequent gas cuts disabling them from using their heaters to keep warm. I am fortunate at times because i know it does not snow here but most times i miss the companionship of the snow. So my days were spent desperately trying to keep warm and they continue to be.

Snuggling under the covers appealed to me the most and i constantly yearned for the company of my friend: a good book. But it seems that this past month and the coming months see a bleak future of me reading books at least till early June. I know i have started books and am still to complete them but i find it hard to find time. It seems time is not on my side.

The few surprises that i did receive were more than welcomed and much loved. For instance, the first giveaway i ever won whose prospect i never saw in my life took place in this month. Then i won my first blog giveaway which left me rendered speechless for sometime till i snapped out of my trance and squealed with joy. Thus began my need to follow more blogs and enter even more giveaways. This ultimately lead to the revival of my own dormant blog which now only lacks life in the form of followers.

The oddest or the best ideas come in the weirdest situations or places. Such an idea placed itself in my head while i changed into my pj’s and got ready for bed. So here comes what i look forward to in the coming month of February:

  1. To get more followers (a small number at least)
  2. Finish at least 5-10 books
  3. Write more reviews
  4. Host my own giveaway (only possible once i get my own followers)
  5. Give my first follower a token of appreciation (i’m pretty serious about this one) (also i am still deciding if i will host giveaways according to the number of followers, for example, one at 10 followers and then another at 50 followers….)

Each goal will be crossed out once i finish with them. SO HERE IS TO FEBRUARY 2011!


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